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Discover Your Three Word Mantra

Friday, January 19 at 12 EST

We are excited to announce that we’re bringing back a favorite session, Discover Your Three Word Mantra, Friday, January 19th at 12 PM EST.

Please join us to walk through guided reflection to support you in creating your own three word mantra. We’ve found our own mantras to be powerful tools for centering ourselves and shifting our ways of being, and our clients have too!

We hope you will join us to reflect in community with others while discovering your own three word mantra. This is a free workshop. Register below to reserve your spot, and feel free to invite a friend or colleague!

White Leaders Working on Antiracism Waitlist

In the summer of 2020, we partnered with our colleagues at Leading Elephants, with advisory support from Lesley Brown Rawlings of Beloved Community, to create a learning and accountability space for white leaders. Over the past two years, more than 200 people have participated in this series, engaging in the inner work that is foundational to taking informed, antiracist action.

If you are a white leader seeking a space to reflect, process, and practice, sign up for our waitlist to stay up-to-date about upcoming cohorts.


We love collaborating with our colleagues in the coaching and consulting space. Below are a few of our featured partners in our Illuminate Collective community.