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Collective Conversations: Embracing the Both/And

Please join us for our next Collective Conversation on

Tuesday, July 19th from 11 AM – 12 PM ET

We created this space as an opportunity to pause and reflect in community with others. This month, we’ll be discussing how there is always an “and.” At the mid point of the year, as we name and acknowledge so much that is hard, what is the “and” for you? What is helping you to lean into the second half of this year and keep growing?

We invite you to pause, grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of iced tea!), and join us for this informal conversation about embracing a “both/and” mindset as we step into summer. The registration link is below.


White Leaders Working on Antiracism Upcoming Cohorts

White Leaders Working on Antiracism (WLWA) is a dedicated space for reflection, learning, and practice for white leaders who aspire to lead with equity. Through this four part series, white leaders engage in the internal work of rigorously reflecting on their impact as well as the external work of engaging responsibly and thoughtfully on issues of race and equity. Learning, reflecting, and practicing in community with other leaders can be transformative.

We invite you to join our WLWA email list to stay up-to-date on upcoming WLWA cohorts using the link below.


We love collaborating with our colleagues in the coaching and consulting space. Below are a few of our featured partners in our Illuminate Collective community.